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Madonna Impersonator Chris America

Hi Chris -

... Everyone’s still talking about Monday’s performance.  It was epic and he really enjoyed it.  I told him I didn’t know how I would top that at 70 and he said he wouldn’t live that long.  LOL
Thanks again!
Fraser Wallace Advertising
Dulles Virginia
Jaunary 2014
Special Marilyn Monroe Gram 

The "BEST" !

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Corporate EventChris is simply the "BEST" there is. With all live vocals and custom made original Madonna duplicate costumes.
Have had Chris at many events and she is always the star of the show and what all the guests are talking about.
Her voice as Madonna is identical to the real thing.
She works at her craft and has never easy to work with.
What more can I say except that "You won't find any better so don't bother looking."
Ron Besser
Besser Entertainment

Hired by: ron b.

Priced Fairly

Organization: Besser Entertainment
Event Date: July 4, 2013 
Event: Corporate Event in Pompano Beach, FL 
Services provided: Impersonator, Look-Alike, Madonna Impersonator, Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist


The Look, The Voice, The Illusion, Chris America has it all!

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Public EventIt was hard to believe that someone who looks actually like the real Madonna could go two for two and sound like Madonna. The look, the personality and a identical sound of a legendary icon is hard to match. Chris America does that as only Madonna can do.

Hired by: Brennan

Priced Fairly

Organization: Seehafer
Event Date: July 26, 2013 
Event: Public Event in Manitowoc, WI 
Services provided: 1980s Era Entertainment, Costumed Character, Impersonator, Look-Alike, Madonna Impersonator, Sound-Alike


Chris America Madonna Impersonator Crystal Durant Madonnathon

 ...She is the epitome of Madonna REALNESS.
Sitting next to her and talking with her...
it's like she's REALLY her,
she even SOUNDS like her -
she is AMAZEBALLS. LOVE her!

Crystal Durant
Performing Artist
August 2013

...What can I say Brennan you cease to amaze me. One hell of a show!! Madonna and Rod Stewart couldn't be better!!!

Patti-Brian Maedke
July 2013  Wisconsin



Hi Jackie,
Glad you liked the pictures.  This was definitely one of Chris's best shows.  
 Her "look", voice, costumes and dance moves were the best I've seen yet.  She made the event a success.  ...
There were two other talent there that had no clue how to work the room whereas Chris engaged the entire crowd and kept things lively.

Brain Harris
April 2013

Hi Chris,

Hope all is well.

I did speak to Marty yesterday and he was very pleased….he said you did a GREAT job and was a real pro…..

Thanks again for doing me proud, as you always do.

He also said your Husband was a pro also….

I did send him the picture as well.

Thanks again, very, very much.

 Always looking for more Gigs for you.

Have a SUPER day,

Ron Besser
Besser Entertainment
March 15, 2013

Chris America performed with Super Bowl Champ LeRoy Butler of the Green Bay Packers

-----Original Message-----
From: Barbara L
To: Ron B
Subject: FW: Last night.

Please forward to Chris.  She was great and such a nice 
person. They all loved her! Thanks so much, Barb -----Original Message----- From: Kendra A. To: Lori J Subject: Last night. Hey Lori!!!  Thanks SO much for inviting me to last
night's Gala!!!  It was a great night--you could tell just how much everyone appreciated your efforts.  St. James really has that family feel (makes me a little jealous-lol). Madonna was AWESOME!!!!  ~Kendra

Top Notch!

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

ConventionMy wife and I had the pleasure experiencing Chris America's stage performance this past August at an annual convention. Although I am not as familiar with Madonna as my wife, I have to say that Chris amazed both of us with her spot on likeness. Even her movements and vocals were so close she could have been the real deal. Recommend highly!

Review by: Walter H.


Event Date: August 19, 2011 
Event: Convention in Orlando, FL 


Nothing short of AMAZING!

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Club/NightclubI hired Chris to perform at a club venue in SoCal and she exceeded any and all of my expectations. From her communication throughout the initial stages of the booking, to the phenomenal performance she gave, she was TOP NOTCH! Her professionalism is refreshing, and her uncanny resemblance to Madonna is mind blowing. My guests were jaw dropped..... and I was thrilled. Will hire her again in a heart beat!!!

Hired by: Simone N.

Priced Fairly

Event Date: July 9, 2011 
Event: Club/Nightclub in San Diego, CA 
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator 


A True Professional

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Anniversary PartyWe hired Chris America to perform at a 25th wedding anniversary and were absolutely astounded. She looks and sounds just like Madonna. Her selection of costumes and material is extensive and she was more than willing to work with us to get just the right show for our guests. She is very professional, but a lot of fun at the same time. We and all our guests very much enjoyed her performance. Thanks again, Chris!

Hired by: Carolyn D.

Priced Fairly

Event Date: April 23, 2011 
Event: Anniversary Party in Virginia Beach, VA 

If you want Madonna, Chris America delivers!

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Concert VenueAs the producer of MADONNATHON - the beloved annual Madonna tribute show here in NYC - I know my Madonna. I spend much of my time scouting talent to perform live versions of Madonna's songs in our show. Trust me - is not easy for anyone to capture Madonna's look, sound AND dance moves - but Chris America does it all! When she first pranced out on our stage, the audience (and the other performers in the show) gasped to see Chris in a perfect replica equestrian costume from Madonna's latest tour. She performed three songs, and every dance & costume, in addition to Chris' natural resemblance to Madonna, was eerily authentic. The fans were amazed, and I still receive emails asking us to have her back for the next show- so we are! We are happy to have Chris back for MADONNATHON 2012 in April!

On the business side of things, I can also say that Chris is a complete professional, and very easy to work with. She had to change her schedule around to make things work for us, and she made it happen. In conclusion - if you need a Madonna (who's nicer than the real one) - call Chris now!

Hired by: Cathy C.

Priced Fairly

Organization: Cathyland
Event Date: August 18, 2008 
Event: Concert Venue in New York City, NY 
Services provided: 1980s Era Entertainment, Costumed Character, Dancer, Impersonator, Impressionist, Look-Alike, Madonna Impersonator, Pop Singer, Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist

What a way to ring in the New Year!

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Corporate EventI attended an event at ABC studios in Times Square on NYE. Chris America performed some of Madonna's biggest hits and was amazing! I couldn't keep my eyes off of her - her whole look from costume and dance moves were so similar to Madonna. I hope to secure her for a corporate event this Spring. I know she'll be a hit and energize the crowd!

Review by: Natalie G.


Event Date: December 31, 2012 
Event: Corporate Event in New York City, NY 


SSBL Event in Milwaukee

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

FestivalIn producing events for the past 25 years I can honestly say that my past experience in booking Chris was nothing less than one of the highlights in my career. Her professionalism and attention to her details is rare in this industry. It was truly a pleasure. Chris looks great, performs great, but even more.... She sounds like Madonna! In being at her choreography rehearsal, she was cuing some movements while singing the leads with no music..... just lyrics as reference for her dancers... Chris's vocals surprised me in a day and age when we put too much on the output of a product and forget about the fact that their is talent out there. Chris has the talent and will deliver.... So Thank you Chris for renewing my love in what I do, renewing my faith that talent exists, and thank you to Madonna herself for giving us memories of your music that Chris pays a detailed tribute too.

Hired by: Jai C.

Priced Fairly

Organization: Jai Bird Productions
Event Date: September 2, 2012 
Event: Festival in Milwaukee, WI 
Services provided: 1980s Era Entertainment, 1990s Era Entertainment, Dancer, Madonna Impersonator, Tribute Artist 


Madonna is in the House

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Birthday PartyMy Wife brought Chris to my 60th birthday party in Atlantic City. I have always been a huge Madonna fan and having Chris there as Madonna was a tremendous experience. It was a complete suprise and from the moment she started singing everyone there thought "The Material Girl" made a suprise appearence. Madonna was apprearing in Atlantic City the next night so everyone in the room and to take close looks. Chris has a voice that sounds exactly like Madonna...she worked the room with a high degree of professionalism. I would highly recommend Chris America for any event.

Hired by: Al E.

Priced Fairly

Chris America in Beijing!

I represent Chris America for her international performances. I can say from experience, you will not find a harder working, more consummate professional than Chris. As a professional agency, we do our best to insure that everything goes to plan by constructing detailed contracts. However, working internationally can present a whole barrage of changes and obstacles. This can be due to language barriers, miscommunication, and in the case of China, something as simple as, "Yes means no"! Many entertainers with big egos, and lack of experience working internationally would buckle under this kind of pressure. Not Chris! Chris rolls with the punches, and gets down to business. She understands that things don't always go perfectly to plan, and is always willing to go the extra mile to make up for any confusion. I don't tell you this to make you think you can take advantage of Chris... NOT!... but more so to affirm that she is a true "team player"! Her talent speaks for itself, so I won't even go there in this review. Hire Chris America. I guarantee you will be a happy client!

Hired by: Sean M.
Priced Fairly

Organization: EC Model & Talent Agency
Event Date: November 4th, 2011
Event: Concert Venue in Las Vegas, NV
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator


Hello, my name is Hal Danley. I have been a Madonna afficionado for 30 years! Beginning with the very first time that heard her voice on the radio in 1981 I was "hooked on Madonna". Since then my love, admiration and respect for her has grown with every new song, album, movie and her every move. I can truely tell you that I have grown up with her and she has enriched my life with her motivation, entertainment, inspiration and has given real meaning to my world. She is like a relaxing drug or massage to me whenever I hear her music or see her. I never grow tired of her. In the first 20 years that I have been a follower of Madonna my ultimate dream was to meet her if only for one minute.
The last 10 years I have attended approximately 50 or more concerts and have paid thousands of dollars to buy front row seating and buying everything I could find related to Madonna. I have been very fortunate to have met most all of her musicans, dancers, even support personnel. I feel extremely lucky and satisfied having experienced Madonna in multiple ways. The one person that I have not met is Madonna.
However, since I have known Chris America for the last 5 years I feel that meeting the actual Madonna is no longer a hunger for me that it once was for me. Chris is Madonna for me now. I have researched her on the internet and followed her because she looks like, sounds like, talks like and sings like Madonna. I met Chris when I traveled to Washington DC to met her. I am amazed that she is so like Madonna! I have never seen any "look a like" of any ICON that is the entire package. It doesn't seem that someone could be so like another person without being their identical twin. Chris is a Madonna match in my opinion. My love for Madonna has been enhanced by Chris.
If you want proof of my admiration of Madonna simply look for me on the internet. My screen name is Maverickguy99 and my email is If you "google" me you will find me everywhere as a Madonna fan. I am known worldwide to other Madonna fans. I do not intend to brag or make myself appear rich, but I have literally spent near $100,000 or more buying rare Madonna items. I am the proud owner of a 40 x 107 inch photograph by Steven Klein which is one of the images from the X=Static Pro=Cess art exhibition featuring Madonna. I invested $20,000 for this one item. It is featured on the website Madonna and can also be viewed on my youtube page - maverickguy99 "A walk around my Den".
In closing, I once thought that I was the most Madonna "crazed" fan in the world. I have found that I am one of hundreds of thousands. One thing we all have in common other than our love of Madonna is that we all know and admire Chris America. She is "The Next Best Thing"

Review by: Hal D.

Event Date: October 28th, 2011
Event: Hotel in Washington, DC

Top Notch!

A True Professional

We hired Chris America to perform at a 25th wedding anniversary and were absolutely astounded. She looks and sounds just like Madonna. Her selection of costumes and material is extensive and she was more than willing to work with us to get just the right show for our guests. She is very professional, but a lot of fun at the same time. We and all our guests very much enjoyed her performance. Thanks again, Chris!

Hired by: Carolyn D.
Priced Fairly

Event Date: April 23rd, 2011
Event: Anniversary Party in Virginia Beach, VA
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator


We hired Chris and were blown away by how exact every detail of hers of MADONNA physically is as well as the performance!!!! - SIMPLY the BEST, the voice, look, mannerisms is SPOT ON, plus Chris herself is an exceptional person to interact with all ages and types, Madonna herself would be wondering if she had deja vu while watching Chris!!!!
Hope to have her perform for us again!!

Jason Zazulak & Sean Tataryn,
Coffee News Regina

Hired by: Jason Z. S. T.
Priced Fairly

Organization: Coffee News Regina
Event Date: March 27th, 2011
Event: Private Party in Regina, SK
Services provided: 1980s Era Entertainment, 1990s Era Entertainment, Actress, Madonna Impersonator

100% Professional

I have had the pleasure of seeing and working with Chris on a couple of levels. I have seen her perform at The Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators and witnessed her professionalism on stage and interacting with other people.
I have booked her and found that she goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her marketing and business skills are second to none, PLUS her impersonation of Madonna is breath taking.
She has practically every costume and look of Madonna from 1984 until today. Her show is top notch and she impresses everyone with her portrayal and performance.
I give her 5 stars!
Greg M Thompson/ Producer
The Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators
Orlando, FL

Hired by: Greg M. T.
Priced Fairly

Organization: Vagabond Troupe Productions
Event Date: December 11th, 2010
Event: Corporate Event in Orlando, FL
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator

Better than the real Madonna!

My company booked Chris America/Madonna Impersonator last year and I must say, her performance was BEYOND all our expectations! She was very professional, her show was spectacular and everyone here enjoyed it and would like to see her again. This is one class act, well worth the price of admission. We are very pleased that we booked her and will be seeking her out for another booking in the near future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Hired by: Mitch B.
Priced Fairly

Event Date: November 10th, 2010
Event: Concert Venue in New York City, NY
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator

Perfect Madonna Tribute-Flawless Costuming!

Chris America gives you a Madonna replica experience! Her costuming is perfection down to the smallest detail. You will feel like you actually have Madonna performing at your event. I would not hesitate to book Chris again. She is a total professional and a joy to work with.

Review by: Jennifer R.

Event Date: October 12th, 2010
Event: Private Party in Naples, FL

Absolutely amazing!!!!

Chris was absolutely amazing....she is a terrific to work with, professional, uncanny resemblance to Madonna and very accommodating....we had some special requests and she was amazingly adaptable and creative. She made some suggestions we did not even think off.....our event was an overwhelming success......the audience absolutely LOVED her!! We are going to definitely hiring her in the future.......thanks again, Chris....!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Hired by: merryl c.
Priced Fairly

Event Date: October 7th, 2010
Event: Corporate Event in New York City, NY
Services provided: 1990s Era Entertainment, Look-Alike, Madonna Impersonator

The Consummate Professional Entertainer!

Our company recently engaged Ms America to headline our annual gala, commemorating a quarter century of successful business operations. To say that this was an important event for us is an understatement. We wanted a stunning performance for our distinguished guests, and that's exactly what Chris America delivered. With almost a thousand guests in attendance, Chris performed a high-energy set of Madonna's biggest hits that captivated and delighted our guests. There were those in attendance who thought it was Madonna herself! Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish, and was a consummate professional at all times. We look forward to having her back again.

Hired by: Brad D.
Priced Fairly

Event Date: July 9th, 2010
Event: Corporate Event in Fort Worth, TX
Services provided: 1980s Era Entertainment, 1990s Era Entertainment, Impersonator, Look-Alike, Madonna Impersonator, Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist

A great night with Chris America as "Justin Timberfake"

When I got a flyer promoting Chris America’s show here in Austin Texas, I immediately said “I have to go see this.” I gathered up some of my friends, and we all went to the venue she was playing that night. The place ended up being packed full of people, but we got there early enough to get a standing place close to the stage. We were having drinks, dancing, already having fun, and then Chris took the stage and brought it to a whole new level. The show was amazing, she has this personality down to a T. Her interactions with the audience, her movements, dancing, and especially her blinking (That blink Madonna does where she just flutters her eye lashes in a very flirty and unique way.) She has everything, and her attention to detail is spectacular. Anyways, she is doing her show when she finally gets to the Madonna and Justin Timberlake duet “4 Minutes” for which she needs a “Justin Timber-fake” volunteer to play JT's part. More and more guys start raising their hands when finally I raise my hand and yell “Hey Madonna!” She points to me and says “Yes you, come up here.” At this point, there are 4 or 5 guys up on the stage doing a short audition to get the part. Needless to say, I know every single word to that song and I ended up acquiring the title “Justin Timberfake” for the night. We sang and danced this number, she was great, had so much energy, and I had so much fun. It was a great conversation starter the rest of the night as well with people who had seen me playing Justin with her. I personally can’t wait until she comes back here to Austin to perform, I will definitely be going.

Review by: Michael M.

Event Date: February 12th, 2010
Event: Club/Nightclub in Austin, TX

Chris is the real deal !!!

we hired Chris for our Company Christmas party and she was incredible...the dj was blown away as were all my guest, she is professional , talented and interacts so well with everyone...we have hired impersonators before...but by far Chris is the best !!! do not hasitate she will make your party something special i hope to use her again soon

Hired by: ART C.
Priced Fairly

Event Date: December 19th, 2009
Event: Christmas Party in Norfolk, VA
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator

An amazing talent & professional Madonna tribute artist!

I have worked with Chris America since 1990 on television. I had the opportunity to book her in south Florida for a Madonna expert and long time fan. The client was extremely happy with her look, costumes and performance! The song selections, choreography, as well as audience participation with a touch of humor, made a very entertaining show! AFterwards, Chris interacted and posed for photos with all of the guests. They are still singing her praises!

Chris is not only the epitome of professionalism, but gracious and accommodating to her client's requests. A pleasant, good natured entertainer and business woman. I highly recommend Chris America as Madonna for any upscale event!

Camilleon Impersonators, LLC.

Hired by: Camille T. D.
Priced Fairly

Organization: Camilleon Impersonators, LLC.
Event Date: August 20th, 2009
Event: Birthday Party in West Palm Beach, FL
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator


Chris America performed for my 30th birthday blow out and let me just say it felt like i had the real madonna right before my eyes. She had the clothes the moves and. i was speechless to see how much she looked like Madonna.. even without the make up she still looks like her.. I plan to have her for my next big birthday thats for sure.. If u want the next best thing Chris America is the way to go.. I LOOOOOOOVED every thing about her..

Hired by: Sandy B.
Priced Fairly

Event Date: June 20th, 2009
Event: Birthday Party in Los Angeles, CA
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator


I met Chris America back in 2008 when she performed at the annual MADONNATHON at BB KINGS in New York. She was fantastic I was loving every minute of her on stage doing her thing. She totally works it as MADONNA. I am so happy I go the oppurtunity to meet her in person. She is lovely and so sweet. Love you Chris....All Da Way Ray..xox!

Review by: Raymond P.

Event Date: August 16th, 2008
Event: Bar/Lounge in New York City, NY

Amazing job!

We saw Chris America at Splash Night Club and Roseland and thought she was amazing! She sounded like the real deal and not to mention looked great!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Tina K.

Event Date: July 15th, 2008
Event: Club/Nightclub in New York City, NY

A 5 star experience!

Chris America provided entertainment at a surprise 40th birthday party for a co-worker. Though the company folded a few years ago, the impression did not - for those who stay in touch, we still talk about that event! Chris was an OUTSTANDING impersonator of Madonna and was a dream come for our co-worker of "meeting" her idol. Moreover, Chris was so easy to work with and just a great person to talk to over birthday cake. I highly recommend her for any Madonna needs!

Hired by: John H.
Priced Fairly

Organization: AA HAN Group
Event Date: December 8th, 2007
Event: Birthday Party in New York City, NY
Services provided: Madonna Impersonator

Great NYE memory

I go out for NYE just about every year as a DC native. In the past I have attended a few with Professionals in the City NYE events. Two most memorable ones were when Chris America headlined (2003&2004), the last one was at the historic Washington Hotel (or Hotel Washington?) which was next to the White House. I think it now a W Hotel. Her outfits were impressive, some of the best I've seen. Several people got up on stage with her as she rang in the new year. Afterwards, she was swarmed by guests seeking photo ops. She was approachable and worked the large crowd well.

Review by: deirdre c.

Event Date: October 31st, 2003
Event: Holiday Party in Washington, DC


Los Angeles, Ca
July 2009

You're one of the most accurate lookalikes in the biz Chris...
Dale Preston
Jan 29, 2010

Hi Chris

Thank You so much...I had the TIME OF MY LIFE, I truly will never forget turning 40!! and neither will my guests. My party truly mimicks "Madonna's" quote

Thanks again and keep making every MADONNA FANS dream come true!!!!!!
40th Birthday
Ft Lauderdale, FLA
August 23, 2008

Sandy Cha
Chris America is the real deal. When I booked her for a show several years ago, I gasped when she walked in. It's the closest thing to Madonna, you can get without shelling out millions to book the original Material Girl.

Thanks for a great performance and being such an amazing person to work with Chris!

And now we are friends! Great connecting with you on here Chris!
Aug 20, 2008

Gina -

Please let Chris know that we were absolutely thrilled with her and her performance! Tom especially loved being called up for Crazy for was a highlight of the evening for him. I heard from many of our attendees that "Madonna really made the evening!" and we couldn't agree more. Thank you so much for your professionalism - it has been a pleasure working with you both.

Many thanks,
Amadeous Corp.
Boca Raton, Florida
June 11, 2008

Hi Miss America,
We were at the New Year's celebration at Hotel Washington & saw yr act two years now. I was so glad U were back because I love Madonna & U r the closest thing to seeing her. I was digging yr costumes... every detail is there U r so much like herU are amazin'R U going to have any other shows in the area? I check yr website all the time now to see where U r going to play next.
Abby S.
College Park, Md
January 6th 2008

...I wouldn't hesitate recommending you to anyone! You were excellent and we had a great time!
Greg Jones
Chairman Xerox Corp.
January 3rd, 2008

...I am blown away. I can't thank you enough for your sensational show at my birthday last week. That was probably the best time anyone has had at a party that I have ever been to... because of you I am the hero and I get to brag about it for the rest of my life! lol You look so much like Madonna I am still floating...
Mike Tan
Dec 2007

"Chris America! This is SAndy from San Francisco! I have another client that is requesting you in Dec! ARe you available?

Email me! Merry Christmas and Happy Belated Birthday!"

Good morning Chris!!

As I told Gina - WOW! What a great time - thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Such an outstanding and professional performance! You took excellent care of my friends getting them involved and dancing with the performance! And what a wonderful lady your Mom is too! We appreciated having there and having fun with us as well.

I continue to get feedback of "best party I've ever been to!" by so many of my friends thanks directly to you! Also, we were very glad to recognize your performance on your birthday of all days as well. Thank you again, Chris, we will be glad to totally recommend you for any performance! Superior job!

v/r Tom & Selma Cowan

It was a pleasure working with you. You are very polite, reasonable
and classier than the woman you impersonate. Please tell your Mom I
said so as I never made it over to congratulate her on a great job
raising you. Thanks to you, the party really got going as you brought
folks out onto the dance floor. For those of us in the band, this
"made" the evening.

I would be delighted to recommend you and I hope you feel the same. I
wonder what you charge for a party in the northern virginia area such
as this one?

Bruce Moore
Deal Wid it
Classic Party Music Band
Manassas, Virginia

Dec 07, 2007

hi chrirs its Marc Mez im a photographer/director Any way i wanted to send you a message but it kept saying its on away and cant send you a message..
Well i want to work with you if you need new pix or a new video reel let me know :) I love
modonna.. I also saw you on The next best thing and i said HEY i need to get ahold of her!
Take care love ,MM
June 07, 2007

Hi. I am the owner of a disco. I´ve been in this business since 1972
and have presented artists like Gloria Gaynor, Raphael, Wilfrido Vargas, Daiquirí,
Amii Stewart, José José, Camilo Sesto,etc.;
djs like Nicky Sianno, Tiesto, John Digweed, Benni Benassi, etc. .

We have organized events conmemorating icons like Studio 54,
Saturday Night Fever, Infinity, etc. and following that retro-trend,
we are planning shows of celebrity impersonators, beginning with Madonna .
I have been searching on the Internet and it appears to me that Chris America
is the one that most resembles her and would perform the best.
The party-shows would be in July-August,in our capital; we would cover air travel,
stay 5 star hotels and all the expenses required.

I hope we will do business and looking forward to hearing from you.

my kind regards,

May 12, 2007

Hi Chris,

Please tell me your availability and rate for a Graduation party,
for an hour performance and half-hour mix and mingle
for a young lady who is a big Madonna fan. The Agent who called me about this
asked if I knew a really good Madonna. I told him I had the pleasure recently of meeting the BEST!

Hope all is good for you.

May 17, 2007

Thank you sooooo much for appearing at my Niece's birthday party.
You added the fun and excitement that we had hoped for...
The surprise went off great and she loves the picture you took with her and Briana!
You made them soooooo happy!

Las Vegas, NV
May 10th, 2007

Subject: Chris America is an awesome Madonna!
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 6:51 PM

Chris America is an AWESOME Madonna!
Chris, Its easy to refer the BEST!!!!



We enjoyed working with you this year. We would like to work with you again this upcoming New Year...

Professionals in the City
January 20th, 2007

"Hello! My friends and I tried out your New Years Eve party at the Washington Plaza Hotel and had a GREAT time! I even met someone (I'm still in shock!) and the event was better than expected in many ways. We absolutely loved the Madonna you had there. She was amazing! Really, all of the entertainment was first rate. We were commenting on how good ALL of the activities were especially being single, they made meeting others a lot easier. Anyway, after this event I plan on doing a lot more with Pros in the City. "

-Sara R.
Guest of Professionals in the City
New Year Eve Gala
January 15, 2005

Hey Chris,

When I logged into myspace, you were on the front page where they feature random people- funny coincedence. I caught the screening of the pilot in Brooklyn and you did such a great job on your segments. Hopefully this whole thing turns into a film. I heard they aired it at 4 am or something on a&e but hopefully it'll get a better slot. hope you're well. happy new year.

-Frankie C
January 10, 07

Chris! you were great!!! thank you so much - it really turned out cool. and we talked about YOU as well.. so thanks again,

Channel 24
January 10, 1007

Raytheon Information Solutions (RIS)

SURVEY FOR CHRIS AMERICA (1 Lowest - 5 Highest):
Professionalism 5, Acommodating 5,
Overall Talent 5,
How strongly would you recommend CHRIS as MADONNA? 5
Overall Satisfaction with CHRIS AMERICA as MADONNA 5
Thanks! You did a great job. The employees loved the performances!

Jennifer A. Phelan
Desktop Publisher
Raytheon Information Solutions (RIS)

I attended the Professionals in the City New Years Eve party with my girlfriends and to our surprise and delight, we got to see a Madonna Concert! I wanted to write and tell you how good we thought you were! I love Madonna and your show was like the highlight of our New Years Eve! We even took a picture with you but the flash did not work :( ! Where do you perform next? Let me know! ...WE LOVE YOU "MADONNA"!

Melissa S.
Gaithersburg, MD
January 6th 2007


I just got back from vacation and had several emails waiting for me on your show. You were superb and it was a major hit with our guests! Everything you suggested was PERFECT! You said you wanted me to look good and that was certainly accomplished. I will send back your review form five stars and all, plus a very good write up. Please send me some of your cards when you have the chance.

Have a Happy New Year!
Michelle Wilson
Trade Magazine
Baltimore, MD
Dec 28, 2006

Hi Chris,

You are the BEST!!! Everyone had such a great time and they are all talking about it. Thanks for making this event a success. I may take you up on some help in the near future. I also have other contacts that may be interested in your show that I will pursue on your behalf. I also would like to write a letter for your testimonials if that is OK. Would you like some of the photographs that were taken? I also have the entire performance on video if you are interested in a copy.

Hope all is well and have a Merry Christmas,
Thanks Again,
Bill Shade
Shade Construction
Maryland, Dec 20, 2006

Hey Chris,

Thanks for doing such a great job for us this past week. The client was very happy. Thanks for making us look good. Hope to work a lot with you in 2007!! ttyl

John Collins
Classique Productions
Las Vegas, NV
Dec 12, 2006

This was my second year attending the convention and I got to say, it gets better every year. Also have to say that I was TOTALLY impressed with you. Your performances, costumes, etc. Linda and I agreed that seeing you was worth the trip here! Very impressed. I am so glad you had a good time too. Lets hope we get to work together real soon. ttyl

Classique Productions
Las Vegas
Sept 29,2006

Hello! It is Fleur from the UK film crew who covered Sunburst, it was really nice to meet you at the Convention a few weeks back. We really enjoyed your showcase and impersonation your resemblance is uncanny!

I just wanted to let you know that as we discussed at the convention we are would be choosing around 20 of the showcases to feature in our documentary and I wanted to let you know that your fantastic showcase has been chosen as one of the ones we hope to include.

Fleur Fekkes
Mono TV
London SE1 7PB
Oct 05,2006

Hi Chris,
I am so glad you enjoyed the convention. It was truly our pleasure to produce it for you. We truly appreciate your comments and your Best Costume Award was very well deserved. I hope you can come back every year. Your performance is Top Notch in our industry and adds to the quality of our showcase.
Thanks again & All the best,

Greg Thompson
The Vagabond Troupe- Orlando, FL
September 27,2006

The Sunburst Convention of Professional Celebrity Impersonators & Look A Likes

I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding performance at Maria's Birthday Party. You were terrific and you exceeded all my expectations. All of our guests had a great time. They could not stop raving about your performance and how much fun they had. And of course, Maria will have the memory of performing with "Madonna" forever. I have to tell you...she was in heaven!

As for your survey I rate you as 5 Stars in all categories. Your professionalism and attention to detail are exceptional. You can use us as a reference any time you need to.

Again Chris, Thank you so much for the great job. Keep in touch. I have a feeling our paths will cross again.

C. Recchilungo
Wayne, PA
Surprise 40th Birthday Party
Sept 09, 06

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great performance! My sister was absolutely thrilled and hasn't stopped talking about the event since Saturday. In fact, everyone who was invited has been calling her nonstop to tell her how awesome you were and how great the party was.

I have many pictures which I will forward them to you tonight and they know to send you other pictures of the evening. Please keep in touch -- feel free to send me email updates on your latest news. And I can't wait to see how the A&E episode turns out!

Thank you again and all the best,

Laura G.
Wayne, PA
Surprise 40th Birthday Party
Sept 09, 06

You were great tonight as Marilyn! We really had a terrific time and my Husband loved it!

Marsha W.
Indian Springs Country Club
Gaithersburg, MD
Surprise 65th Birthday Party

Chris America did an absolutely superb job as Madonna for my husband's 50th birthday party. Her arrival was a surprise for my husband and the guests. She blew in, and had everyone's attention during the time she was at our house. I had hired her to add some fun to the party, and she certainly delivered. Being a professor or marketing at a major university, I must admit that I am often skeptical of advertising claims made in TV commercials or on websites. But I must say that Chris was exactly what I expected based on what I had read about her on the Gigmasters website, and also on Chris America's website. My expectations were high, and they were met; a whole lot of fun was had by one and all. I want to commend Chris for not only her talent, but also her professionalism and friendly personality. She was very honest and helpful. My interactions with her before our event were nothing but positive. Even before I met her personally, I had a feeling that I had made the right choice when I hired her. I was impressed that even after being in the business for many years, she works hard to prepare for even small events like ours. She respects her client's needs, and does her best to accommodate them, and make it a memorable event customized for the client. In closing, I will say that Chris America met, and surpassed my expectations. I would enthusiastically recommend her to friends and colleagues.

-Anu M, 8/12/2006, Birthday Party, Potomac, MD

Dear Chris:

I have been meaning to write to you about your lovely performance. You just blew in and had everyone's attention right away. And John had a blast! Totally surprised, but enjoyed every moment of it. I admired your energy and talent - truly remarkable. My purpose of getting you to the party a boost was certainly accomplished. You were exactly what I thought you would be like, the Madonna that I expected to see, and I am VERY HAPPY that I hired you.

You should know we loved your performance, and John was thrilled! I respect you as an entertainer, based on your website, your reputation, and of course from what I saw on Saturday. But it is your emails, and our phone discussions that make me respect you as a person of integrity.

I was telling my colleagues at work how good you were, and how I would recommend you to anyone without the SLIGHTEST hesitation. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was a pleasure to interact with you over the last few weeks. And the quality of your performance was exactly as I expected. So all the best to you. Even though I was your client, somehow, I have become your well-wisher, and I'll be so happy to know that you are getting more attention and success in the future. Because you deserve it!

For me, and my friends, you'll always be our Madonna, no question about that. There's no one who comes even close! :-)


Anu Mitra
Surprise 50th Birthday Party
Potomac, MD
August 12, 2006

You did a FABULOUS job on the show in Orlando as Madonna. The Client was VERY happy. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Many thanks and safe travels always,

Charles Steadham,
Owner / General Manager
Blade Agency
August 10, 2006

Chris was great, very nice personality, and very energetic like Madonna. Everybody was impressed.

ReMax Realtors
San Diego, Ca

Hi Chris , Just thought I'ld tell you how so alike you are to Madonna, discovered one of your performances, maybe one day you will come over to the UK and perform in Brighton bars, you would knock em dead , carry on the good work!

Simon Galeandro xx
July 27, 2006

YOU!!! Hi know that you were totally FABULOUS, everyone is calling us today. You must have especially challenged coming into Buffalo so late (USAir-flight delay) but you managed to pull it off! My daughter was super suprised! My younger daughter kept saying that she has now experienced a Jaw dropping moment! Her mouth couldn't and wouldn't close. One of Nicoles friends said kidding to his friend, "Hey I was at a Madonna concert that turned into a wedding".

Thanks a million again and again, any ideas for my next daughter wedding??? It was a pleasure talking to you over the last month,
Patty Manns & Family
Wedding Reception / 300 Guests
Buffalo, NY 07/22/06


Thanks for a wonderful performance! You were AWESOME as Madonna!
Naren Shahani
President & CEO
MES, Inc
Potomac, MD
July 15,2006

Thanks so much! I can't say enough how WONDERFUL of a job you did as Madonna! I had some issues trying to respond on the survey - so I'll just let you know I gave you top ratings... ALL 5 Stars! We had MANY tenants say that this was our best party yet - and I think you are the #1 reason why. You were a great performer - plus very personable - you did a great job mingling with the tenants. The entire staff had nothing but great things to say about you - both personally and professionally. Thank you again for making this a very memorable event!!! If you're ever working in Indianapolis again - please stop by and say hello!

Kris Moore
Property Manager - Real Estate Management Services
Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
80'S Theme Corporate Party
(317) 570-7000


You were great and I loved it!
Jeremiah R.
50th Birthday Celebration
June 24, 2006

Chris' performance as Madonna was great. She was able to hold meaningful conservations with an older crowd. Basically, she kept everyone's attention. People are still talking about her. I will defintely use her services again in the future.

-Val R, 6/24/2006, Corporate Function, Dumfries, Virginia

You MADE our Graduation Event! Thank you so much... The Doctors and Nurses were still talking about Madonna all week... You are 5 stars and more!!!

Jackie B.
Fort Belvoir, Virgina
Resident Staff Graduation; Class of 2006
June 22, 2006

Chris America was outstanding as Madonna. High props from all of the guests. Her look was SPOT-on, She is truly a "Dead-Ringer"! Her performance was fun and energetic. She was also a delight to work with. A very nice person who is accomodating and professional. A+++++ from our end! Thank you Chris!

-Don E, 4/8/2006, Private Party, Bethesda, MD

Hi Chris,

A very nice gentleman called me tonight asking for Bat Mitzvah tips. His name is Gary K -. His daughters's theme happens to be band/music also. I told him about you and that I would be sending him your e-mail. I am cc'ing him a copy of this e-mail. You were awesome as Madonna! Thanks!Thanks and take care!

Marsha B.
Potomac, Maryland
Bat Mizvah

Here you go!

I thought you were great.

Thanks for doing this -- I know it was last minute and I am sorry that the (sound equipment) busted on me. Don't know why. You handled it perfectly! You may use me for a reference anytime!

John Speed
Congressional Country Club, Maryland
Corporate Function - Attorneys

Wow! I am thrilled! I originally talked to some agencies about hiring a Madonna look-a-like and the talent they offered seemed overpriced and generic in looks & ability (McDonnas!!!). Then a gal from my office mentioned Chris America so I looked on the Internet and found her on Gigmasters. She is VERY GOOD! Chris America is the consummate Madonna-practically identical to the Real Superstar-she exudes the attitude, the image, and the star quality that makes Madonna! Her costumes were gorgeous and so is she. She had my crowd (many of whom are Madonna's biggest fans) completely mesmerized! What an amazing dead-on performance! It was like Madonna herself left LA from the Grammy's and just happened on in to perform some of her newest hits at my birthday! I doubt you will find any other look-a-like that is as close in physical likeness and talent to the real Madonna than Chris. I highly recommend her! What a night to remember! Thank you so much Chris, for making this party such a hit! I am more than pleased!

-Robert B, 2/23/2006, Birthday Party, Arlington, VA

You did a wonderful job! Everyone I spoke to was very pleased and enjoyed your performance immensely! Kathy would like to follow up on a request she had made for autographs :o) Could you please send us two Madonna photos to be autographed for Darrell and Red? That would be great!!!! Thanks!

Viki L Hamblen
Property Manager - Real Estate Management Services
Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
Tenant Appreciation Day
(317) 570-7000

You did GREAT as Marilyn! Our guests had the best time and we loved it!
Harold S.
Nuclear Engineering
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Corporate Convention
March 2006

Chris, That was FUN and My Husband was so surprised. Your "Blonde Ambition" outfit was perfect! You made his day! Thanks for a great job!
Jacinda Leiu
Birthday Gram
Lorton, Virginia
March 2006

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